Join us at Yucatan Nature Quest

What is Nature Quest?

The WoN - Way of Nature - Nature Quest is a mindfulness and meditation retreat that includes powerful awareness training with a skilled and knowledgeable teacher, and a guided AllOne time solo in Nature.

Nature Quest creates an opportunity to receive teachings in a concise retreat that is accessible to most people. Experiencing a Nature Quest can have a deeply transforming effect on your life.

The fundamental purpose is to provide a simple and clear introduction to Natural Mindfulness. Utilizing the core principles of relaxation and presence, this practice helps refine the experiential fields of perception through a conscious, sensorial connection to your natural surroundings.

The Learning Experience

Awareness Training

AllOne Time nature solo

Reintegration & Sharing

This Nature Quest with WoN founder John P. Milton will include a day of awareness training in meditation, qi gong, and energy practices, followed by 3 days and 2 nights of AllOne time nature solo. Upon your emergence from AllOne Time, reintegration training, sharing and ceremony will conclude the retreat.

By returning to nature and rediscovering our senses, we are given an opportunity to revive many dormant abilities that lie fallow. Each of us can become more awake and present beings if we train our sensing abilities, release worry and attachment, and allow ourselves to just Be in a state of “alert resting” - Mindfulness in Nature.


Way of Nature founder John P. Milton will guide you on this Nature Quest with the assistance of Way of Nature senior guide Jennifer Menke.

  • John P. Milton

    Way of Nature Founder

  • Jennifer Menke

    Senior Way of Nature Guide


Space is limited to 25 participants

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Tecoh was born as a live work of art in 2011, after five intense and exhausting years of work and dialogue with the Cuban-American artist Jorge Pardo. It was the ruins of a 17th century Hacienda in the Yucatán, México, which presented the ideal architectural and landscape conditions to create a Site-specific work of art.

Today Tecoh hosts workshops, experimental co-creative processes, aesthetic retreats and transforming dialogues.


Hacienda Tecoh, 97820
Izamal Municipality,
Yucatán, México

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